Homeless Dogs Seek Attention

by Amy Hazelton.

I came across a heart warming story about a project in Santiago, Chile, where homeless dogs seem to be on every street corner in the city. Two college students started a simple experiment called “ESTOY AQUÍ” which means “I AM HERE” in English. These students tied colorful balloons around many homeless dogs and wrote phrases such as “feed me”, “pet me” and “hug me”.

The reaction that these dogs received is amazing. People start to pay attention to the dogs and interact with them rather than ignoring them and kicking them to the side.

It seems rather obvious, but who would think that a simple idea like this could make a difference.

I realize that locally in North Haven and surrounding towns, we are very fortunate to not have such a rampant problem. But just imagine the impact that this could have in cities and towns where it is a problem.

You can read more about this story here.

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