Is dog day care in CT right for you?

by Amy Hazelton.

Every concerned pet parent understands that his or her canine companions need socialization. It’s common in today’s society for dog owners to reach out to a local dog day care, in Wallingford CT or another town, where their dog can spend the working day playing and interacting with other dogs and people, to keep their pet from becoming bored and anxious while at home. However, many of these pet parents have not been told the dangers that this situation could be putting their dog into.

A group of dogs that have never met and being put into a room full of toys can spell out disaster for your pet. You can run into issues such as resource guarding, where one dog will hog a toy and act aggressively towards anyone who wants to take it. While some dogs may simply not play nicely with others, you must take into account how many dogs just do not know their social skills. A large portion of today’s pet dogs are rescue or shelter dogs, and we have no way of knowing if any of those were socialized properly as a puppy. Early socialization can help prevent injuries and attacks brought on by misunderstandings between dogs.

dog day care Wallingford CT

Aside from dogs fighting, you will also be running the risk of injury from play that is too rigorous and under managed. With a group of dogs all together, it is easy for your pet to become overly aroused and tear a muscle, cause a sprain or break a bone. Even if there is more than one person managing a group, how can they provide the attention one single dog needs during an injury when they have the others to keep in line as well? This may mean that your dog will not have any treatment to an injury until you pick him up and notice the limping yourself.

Despite a doggy day care’s requirements proof of vaccinations, illness still spreads. Specifically the common illness called kennel cough will make its way through a day care facility. The vaccination for this disease is simply not effective, and dogs within close range of each other spread it very easily. This is more like the common cold in humans. It typically poses no threat other than making your dog feel bad for a couple weeks. However, for dogs that are very old, very young or otherwise have a weakened immune system kennel cough can become a major threat to their well-being.

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You have other options to choose from other than dog day care, in Cheshire CT or other towns, to keep your dog occupied while you are away for the day. Instead of subjecting your dog to strangers and unknown dogs, you can seek out a qualified, local dog walker in North Haven. Your furry friend will be visited and cared for by the same person every day with no major risk of injury or neglect that may occur in a doggy day care setting. Specialized one-on-one time is given to your individual pet that no large facility could provide adequately. This option is safer, more reliable, and still provides your dog with the enrichment and exercise he or she needs to be happy, healthy, and a well-behaved companion.

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