Exercise and why it’s important for your dog

by Amy Hazelton.

We all hear it all the time, that we must provide exercise for our pets. There is so much more to it than being fit and healthy though. Just like in humans, exercise causes the body to release special chemicals that makes one happy on an emotional level as well feeling good on a physical level.

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When you take your dog for a walk in Hamden or an evening jog, his body is burning calories that he eats from his diet, preventing obesity. It also makes his muscles work to keep his body trim and joints functioning smoothly. Fortunately, his emotional state becomes euphoric thanks to endorphins released in his brain.

This means when you exercise with your dog, you are conditioning him to not just love exercise, but to further enjoy your company and build a stronger bond between the two of you. The endorphins create an emotionally responsive mood in your dog. He will come to associate you with this euphoric feeling and feel a strong attachment and trust with you. This is extremely helpful in training and problem behavior solving and prevention.

Aside from making your dog happy and healthy, exercise also is a key factor to a well-behaved dog. A pooch that has been adequately exercised is less likely to chew up your furniture when you’re away at work, or dig holes in the backyard due to boredom. Even separation and general anxieties can be lessened through the use of daily exercise, thanks to the previously mentioned endorphins. The old saying is true; a tired dog is a good dog!

Walking your dog is great exercise

Walking, jogging and hiking (especially at Sleeping Giant in Hamden CT) are not the only ways to fulfill the activity needs of your pet. Training in dog sports such as Agility or Flyball works both his mind and body together. He learns to follow and trust your guidance through obstacles to reach a common goal. You don’t have to compete to enjoy these activities. You can set up a few obstacles of your own in your yard and enjoy the time with your furry friend.

Dog parks, like the one in Hamden, are another popular way to exercise your dog. There are pros and cons to them, as they provide socialization with other dogs but also do nothing to build on your relationship with him. Dog parks can also be dangerous, as there is usually a mix of a group of strange dogs that have never met, some may even have behavioral problems or ignore their owner’s commands. When using a dog park, it’s usually best to have the same playgroup with other owners and dogs you know and trust. Your best friend will have a blast romping to his heart’s content in a large, fenced area with good friends!

Exercising your dog should not be a chore for you. It is beneficial to you just as much as it is for your companion. Taking your dog out releases your own endorphins, making you a happier and healthier human! Enjoy your bonding and activity time together and you will have a special bond like no other!

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