First Annual Holiday Supply Drive for the Animal Haven in North Haven CT

Holiday Supply Drive to Benefit the Animal Haven in North Haven CT

Hey Lucky Dogs!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is excited about the holiday season like we are! During the holidays, it’s hard not to think about those who are less fortunate than us. There are many ways to give back through food drives, toys drives and clothing drives. With that said, You Lucky Dog will be holding our First Annual Holiday Supply Drive to benefit The Animal Haven, an animal shelter located in North Haven, CT!

Below is a complete list of supplies that we’ll be collecting for the shelter:

– Dry dog food
– Dry cat food
– Dry kitten food
– Canned cat food
– Cat litter
– Dog/cat toys
– Pee pads
– Towels, sheets, and blankets
– Paper towels
– Bleach
– Dish soap
– Laundry detergent
– Dryer sheets
– Rubbing alcohol
– Cotton balls
– Tissues
– Hand sanitizer
– Rubber gloves

We’ll be collecting these items until Monday, January 12th to ensure that our furry friends of the Animal Haven have a great holiday and start the new year right! Please consider helping us by donating from the list of supplies above or even donating your time at the Animal Haven!

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Now Hiring Dog Walkers!

Romeo's one lucky dog in ctYou Lucky Dog is an established and well-loved dog walking business. We are currently seeking avid pet lovers and exceptional dog walkers to add to our outstanding team!

We operate 7 days a week with plans to expand business hours to holidays.

Hours: This part-time position requires a lot of availability. Typical hours are 10am – 4pm, plus availability for the occasional early-evening walk as well as weekend walks. Availability is also necessary for after hours new client meetings.

We offer:

  • A fun & active job that is incredibly rewarding
  • Competitive wages
  • Weekend & holiday pay
  • Mileage reimbursement

Walkers needed in: Hamden/North Haven Areas

Please note: This job is a part-time position. You can expect (5-8 walks per week) for the first couple of weeks during the training period. Opportunity for more walks will be available after the training period and as business increases.

Walks are typically for 1-2 dogs per visit in the same household.


Chili-Jimmy – Must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license, car insurance as well as a clean driving record. A dog-friendly car is also required, as some dogs require transportation for walks.

– Must have a smartphone.

– Must be willing to drive to jobs within a 10-mile radius of our office in North Haven.

– Experience with dogs necessary. Respectable references of individuals who can attest to pet-care skills required. Professional references are appreciated, but not required.

– Must be able to pass a pre-employment criminal background and driving record check.

– Will need to walk in inclement weather. Walkers must have appropriate rain/snow/heat attire and feel comfortable driving in rain/snow.

– Must be capable of walking 1-3 miles a day.

– Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.

– Will be expected to note any inconsistencies in dog’s typical behavior including bathroom habits.

– Must be willing to provide dog with food, refresh water, and give oral medications. Experience giving injections a plus.

Cordy enjoying an exciting puppy walk in Wallingford

Some Common Daily Dog Walker Tasks

– Feed and refresh water for dogs at scheduled times.

– Walk, run, and play with dogs in public streets, parks, or private yards. No dog parks.

– Pick up and clean up after dogs, including feces, urine accidents, plant disruption. Clean and wipe any muddy or wet paws. Check for ticks, etc.

– Mandatory vet transportation in case of emergency.

– Report any strange behaviors or disturbances to pets or household.

– Write a fun, playful update to the client describing your visit.

Request A Job Application

Get the process started by filling out the form below to be sent a job application.

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Protect Your Dog During the Bitterness of Winter

by Amy Leichter

This winter we have been faced with some extremely unruly temperatures and conditions in North Haven and throughout Connecticut. Unfortunately for us dog lovers, that means a lot of indoor time for our pets and us. However, not all dogs are happy to be stuck indoors for these long periods of time. If you cannot find an indoor area for play, such as an indoor dog park in CT, this could mean taking the polar plunge into the outdoors for some much needed sunshine and exercise. Keep your pet safe when venturing our there, as the cold bites hard!

Watch the paws!

Stepping on frozen ice and snow can be detrimental to your dog’s paws. These can cause cuts right into the pads and between the toes, which opens your dog up for a lot of pain, and possible infections. Don’t forget the dangers of salt laid down on sidewalks and roads, and then tracked into stores from the bottom of people’s shoes. This is all harsh on your pup. He may have the protection of fur and pads, but in these extreme temperatures he could end up with some injuries to his feet.

You can prevent a lot of this pain from obtaining boots made just for a dog’s protection in winter weather. Investing money into a good pair of doggy boots will save you a lot of time and headache, and a lot of pain on your dog’s feet. Most boots made for winter weather will be fleece lined, water proof, and provide traction on the sole to prevent slipping on ice. Before you buy, though, always measure your dog’s paws! A small dog does not always wear a small pair of boots! A dog’s paws can be a different size than you would expect, so measure up!

dog walkers in ct protecting their dog in the snow

However, not all dogs are excited and willing to don winter footwear. Musher’s Secret Paw Wax is a great way to protect your dogs’ paws from the harsh elements of winter, especially rock salt. Simply coat your dogs’ pads in wax to form a protective layer. Musher’s Secret is also great as a moisturizer to use after outdoor explorations. We recommend that you do this before bedtime as to not coat your house in doggy paw prints. Amazon is a great place to purchase Musher’s Secret as you can not only purchase it, but also read the reviews of dog owners’ experiences using the paw wax.

As we all know, some dogs are just flat out stubborn. Many small dogs absolutely hate having their paws touched while others have a hard time holding still to have their feet touched. We recommend that if your dog goes outside without any sort of paw protection that you monitor their time outside carefully. If your dog is hesitant to put their paws on the ground or snow, they could have a paw impact in snow or the salt rock could actually be burning their feet. Upon bringing your dog inside, please inspect their feet for impacted snow and ice. We also recommended wiping their paws with a damp cloth to clean off any rock salt, which can continue to burn dogs’ feet or harmful if ingested.

Bundle up if you need to!

Not all breeds will require a jacket or sweater, even in these extreme temperatures, when out for a walk or jog. Know your breed before running out to purchase your dog’s new fashionable coat. Is your canine double coated with a thick and reliable undercoat? Breeds that contain this wonderful bit of fur include the Alaskan Husky, Australian Shepherd, and Samoyed. Research your dog’s breed or mixes, feel his coat and make a sound judgment call as to whether or not he needs that insulated doggy snow suit before you accidentally overheat him or her.

walking your dog in the snow in CT

Use common sense

If it’s too uncomfortable for you, think twice about venturing outdoors, even just for your daily dog walk in North Haven. Your dog, even if he is fully insulated and happy in the cold, is depending on you to care for him. If you are too distracted by your own discomfort of the cold, then he will not be able to utilize the opportunity of exercise outdoors. Think of indoor games and sports you can play with your dog in your home that will get both his mind and body working together, and the both of you can stay warm and safe from the freezing temperatures.

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Indoor Doggy Activities During the Winter

by Amy Leichter

As we prepare for the long haul of the winter months and the biting cold air of winter in CT, it can become a difficult chore giving your canine companion the exercise and mental stimulation that they desire. Unplowed snow banks and icy patches on sidewalks can make dog walking extremely difficult and even unsafe. The outdoors may even be too chilly or snowy for some dogs to even enjoy. Choosing to implement some fun indoor activities can help eliminate the boredom and cabin fever that winter can bestow on your dog.

Dog playing fetch during a daily walk


Teach your dog to play a game of fetch indoors. Many dogs of all breed types will love a good game of chasing a ball or plush toy down, snatching it up with their mouth, and bringing it back to you for another go. This helps to express their prey drive by chasing and grabbing something that is moving. This will also give them some physical exercise as they use their muscles and agility to chase down that toy.

Play fetch using a hallway or open doorway into another room to give them a maximum amount of space to play. If they have to navigate obstacles to get to the toy, this can benefit the growth of their reflexes and make them use their mind to think of how to get to the toy the fastest.

The Nose Game

Any breed, any age and any size may enjoy learning how to use their nose to get a reward. Start out by using a smelly treat and two boxes or cups that look identical. Show your pooch that you have one of their favorite treats, and quickly put it under one of the overturned boxes. Ask them, “Which one?” and let your dog investigate the boxes. If they paw at or push over one, let your dog see if there is a treat or not under it. When they find the correct box or cup, they get the reward and praise.

As your dog learns to use their nose to find the reward, switch the boxes or cups around and you can even add some more. Not only are you alleviating their boredom, but you are also fine tuning their senses and teaching them to use these senses along with their mind to make the correct choice that leads to a reward!

Hide & Seek

An old fashioned game of hide and seek takes a twist when your dog is always “it!” Have another player to stay with your furry friend while you find a great hiding place in your home. It can be under a bed or blanket, in a closet or standing in a corner in another room. Give the signal that you have found your spot by yelling “Okay!” to the other player. They will then tell the dog “Go find!”

You should call to your dog a couple of times to give them hints as to your location. Have a handful of treats so that each time they finds you, your dog gets rewarded for it! This increases their willingness to find you again in the next round!

fun winter activities for dogs in ct

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

Surprisingly, many dogs love bubbles! You can purchase non-toxic bubbles from any store that sells children’s toys, or make your own. It’s not recommended that dogs ingest a lot of children’s bubbles so if you make your own you can even add a little bit of scent using beef broth! You can also find bubbles specifically for dogs at pet stores as well as websites like Amazon. In a room that is easily cleaned, such as a kitchen, laundry room, or even bathroom blow the bubbles and get your dog excited about them!

Talk in a high pitched, excited voice and encourage your dog to get the bubbles! In no time, they will be bouncing up and down trying to catch bubbles before they hit the ground! This game is no longer just for cats, as dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes are taking part in the bubble game!

Get To Class!

If you and your pooch are trying to fight off the wintertime cabin fever blues, grab your coats and head to your local kennel club for Agility class! Agility is a dog sport in which a dog is taught how to navigate a laid out course with safe obstacles that they must jump over, run through, and climb over.

Your dog does not need to be an athlete or canine genius to take part in an Agility class. Dogs of varying ages and breeds love to learn this sport. Once they get the idea, they have a blast and want to come again and again! Products are also available to buy some obstacles to set up at home for fun and training!

indoor activities for dogs

Or Play Outside!

Of course, some dogs love the winter and enjoy rolling around in the snow. You can try many of these activities outside as well. Dogs of all sizes love to play fetch with snowballs! Much like the bubbles, encourage your dog to jump and chase the snowballs you make for them! If you have a yard, hide and seek can be a great game to play outside and even gets the kids involved in exercising the dog!

Just remember, if you choose to exercise your dog outside, don’t leave them out for long periods of time. Regardless of their fur, dogs can succumb to hypothermia much like people. When you bring your dog inside, make sure to thoroughly dry them off and check between the pads of their feet for packed snow. It may also be wise to wipe your dogs’ feet off with a warm, wet washcloth if playing in a place where salt was used to melt the ice. While you can buy animal safe salt for your own driveways, be cautious of public areas like streets, sidewalks, and parks that probably do not.

No matter what you choose to entertain your dog during the colder months in Connecticut, it is imperative that his body and mind are kept busy. A dog that is left to lay around the house all the time can become restless and develop behavioral problems that can lead to destruction of your couch or shoes! Keep that furry friend of yours active and intrigued, they will love you for it!

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Exercise and why it’s important for your dog

by Amy Leichter

We all hear it all the time, that we must provide exercise for our pets. There is so much more to it than being fit and healthy though. Just like in humans, exercise causes the body to release special chemicals that makes one happy on an emotional level as well feeling good on a physical level.

dog walking service in Hamden CT

When you take your dog for a walk in Hamden or an evening jog, his body is burning calories that he eats from his diet, preventing obesity. It also makes his muscles work to keep his body trim and joints functioning smoothly. Fortunately, his emotional state becomes euphoric thanks to endorphins released in his brain.

This means when you exercise with your dog, you are conditioning him to not just love exercise, but to further enjoy your company and build a stronger bond between the two of you. The endorphins create an emotionally responsive mood in your dog. He will come to associate you with this euphoric feeling and feel a strong attachment and trust with you. This is extremely helpful in training and problem behavior solving and prevention.

Aside from making your dog happy and healthy, exercise also is a key factor to a well-behaved dog. A pooch that has been adequately exercised is less likely to chew up your furniture when you’re away at work, or dig holes in the backyard due to boredom. Even separation and general anxieties can be lessened through the use of daily exercise, thanks to the previously mentioned endorphins. The old saying is true; a tired dog is a good dog!

Walking your dog is great exercise

Walking, jogging and hiking (especially at Sleeping Giant in Hamden CT) are not the only ways to fulfill the activity needs of your pet. Training in dog sports such as Agility or Flyball works both his mind and body together. He learns to follow and trust your guidance through obstacles to reach a common goal. You don’t have to compete to enjoy these activities. You can set up a few obstacles of your own in your yard and enjoy the time with your furry friend.

Dog parks, like the one in Hamden, are another popular way to exercise your dog. There are pros and cons to them, as they provide socialization with other dogs but also do nothing to build on your relationship with him. Dog parks can also be dangerous, as there is usually a mix of a group of strange dogs that have never met, some may even have behavioral problems or ignore their owner’s commands. When using a dog park, it’s usually best to have the same playgroup with other owners and dogs you know and trust. Your best friend will have a blast romping to his heart’s content in a large, fenced area with good friends!

Exercising your dog should not be a chore for you. It is beneficial to you just as much as it is for your companion. Taking your dog out releases your own endorphins, making you a happier and healthier human! Enjoy your bonding and activity time together and you will have a special bond like no other!

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Is dog day care in CT right for you?

by Amy Leichter

Every concerned pet parent understands that his or her canine companions need socialization. It’s common in today’s society for dog owners to reach out to a local dog day care, in Wallingford CT or another town, where their dog can spend the working day playing and interacting with other dogs and people, to keep their pet from becoming bored and anxious while at home. However, many of these pet parents have not been told the dangers that this situation could be putting their dog into.

A group of dogs that have never met and being put into a room full of toys can spell out disaster for your pet. You can run into issues such as resource guarding, where one dog will hog a toy and act aggressively towards anyone who wants to take it. While some dogs may simply not play nicely with others, you must take into account how many dogs just do not know their social skills. A large portion of today’s pet dogs are rescue or shelter dogs, and we have no way of knowing if any of those were socialized properly as a puppy. Early socialization can help prevent injuries and attacks brought on by misunderstandings between dogs.

dog day care Wallingford CT

Aside from dogs fighting, you will also be running the risk of injury from play that is too rigorous and under managed. With a group of dogs all together, it is easy for your pet to become overly aroused and tear a muscle, cause a sprain or break a bone. Even if there is more than one person managing a group, how can they provide the attention one single dog needs during an injury when they have the others to keep in line as well? This may mean that your dog will not have any treatment to an injury until you pick him up and notice the limping yourself.

Despite a doggy day care’s requirements proof of vaccinations, illness still spreads. Specifically the common illness called kennel cough will make its way through a day care facility. The vaccination for this disease is simply not effective, and dogs within close range of each other spread it very easily. This is more like the common cold in humans. It typically poses no threat other than making your dog feel bad for a couple weeks. However, for dogs that are very old, very young or otherwise have a weakened immune system kennel cough can become a major threat to their well-being.

dog day care Cheshire CT

You have other options to choose from other than dog day care, in Cheshire CT or other towns, to keep your dog occupied while you are away for the day. Instead of subjecting your dog to strangers and unknown dogs, you can seek out a qualified, local dog walker in North Haven. Your furry friend will be visited and cared for by the same person every day with no major risk of injury or neglect that may occur in a doggy day care setting. Specialized one-on-one time is given to your individual pet that no large facility could provide adequately. This option is safer, more reliable, and still provides your dog with the enrichment and exercise he or she needs to be happy, healthy, and a well-behaved companion.

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What is Breed Specific Legislation and Why Should We Care?

by Amy Leichter

fight BSL

With October being Pit Bull Awareness month, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is an extremely important topic to discuss. So what exactly is BSL? Often used as an attempted to solution for dog bites and attacks, Breed Specific Legislation is the banning or restriction of certain breeds of dogs that have been deemed as “dangerous”. Throughout history, many breeds of dogs have been deemed as dangerous. Government officials think that by banning these specific breeds, that dog-related attacks will decrease.

The enforcement of BSL is a major reason why these types of bans don’t work. First off, most animal control agencies, if there is even a budget for a town or city to have an animal control agency, find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of animals in need as they often rely on public donations for supplies that their budgets can’t cover. When BSL occurs, most often agencies don’t have it in their budget to hire specific officers to enforce these bans and as a result the work of these officers multiply.

bsl traits

To enforce these bans, animal control and police officers are given a list of characteristics to look for in dogs that have been deemed dangerous. For example, enforcers often look for squared heads and stocky bodies. We’ve already discussed the different pure breeds that are often mistaken for Pit Bulls, but as a result of BSL, even mixed breed dogs are being called in. When an officer does in fact find an example of these physical traits in a dog, the dogs are then boarded and kenneled, which can be costly, but also interferes with the amount of space that these shelters have. Also, the trials of these animals can be timely and extremely costly.

Typically, BSL occurs in major cities where dog fighting is extremely prevalent. After banning Pit Bulls, many of these cities have reported that public safety has not increased. In fact, those active in dog-fighting have gone to great lengths to keep fighting secretive, which includes trunking, where dogs are locked in a trunk and forced to fight.

Luckily in Connecticut, State Representatives have spoke out against such bans regarding them as “uneducated and unnecessary”. In fact, Connecticut went as far as proposing a bill that would ban BSLs. However, cities as close as Boston are active in banning Pit Bulls. So if Breed Specific Legislation doesn’t directly affect Connecticut residents, why should we care?


The ban of these dogs does not target dogs with a history of violence or attack, but all pit bulls. Seems a little unfair. Netflix has an incredible documentary called “Behind the Myth”, that discusses not only the myths regarding Pit Bulls, but also how BSL has affected lovers of the breed. In this documentary, a veteran soldier discusses the ordeal he went through in attempting to prove that his Pit Bull was a registered service dog. While this particular person prevailed against this stereotypical ban, not all are so lucky. As I sought out research for this blog post via Google, I simply searched “Pit Bull ban in Denver”, which is a city that is extremely active in their ban. Sadly, my search resulted in these horrific piles of hundreds of dogs that had been destroyed just because of their breed. While some of these dogs may have had a history of aggression, many were euthanized because of the lack of room in Denver public shelters.

There are so many alternatives to banning Pit Bulls. First and foremost, education is crucial. Before you adopt any pet, you should do your research. You should try and understand your individual dog’s own history as well as behaviors and quirks typical of the breed. When adopting a pet into a home with children, one must really think whether this pet would thrive in a home with children. For example, Pit Bulls are strong by nature and often misjudge their own strength. With that said, if you have a toddler and a Pit Bull and the door bell rings, what do you think could happen? When experts say that Pit Bulls don’t belong in homes with small children, it’s not always that the dogs are aggressive, but that small children could easily get knocked down by a Pit Bull’s strong and excitable nature.

Education should also be given to children. If you’re adopting a dog into a home with children, they need to be taught the proper way to play with a dog. To me, it’s really upsetting when people will surrender their dog as a result of it biting a child who was mishandling the dog in the first place. While dogs can be big and cuddly, we can’t teach children to lie on top of them and snuggle them like we would a teddy bear. While some dogs may like that, it’s ignorant to assume all dogs are going to enjoy physical affection in the same way.

Another major part of education is supervision. Child-related dog attacks are more likely to occur when the child isn’t supervised when playing with a dog. When providing supervision, one should not only watch how the dog interacts with the child, but also how the child interacts with the dog and moderate the behavior when necessary.

Spaying and neutering your dog, regardless of breed, drastically changes the likelihood of aggression as they don’t have the extra hormones coursing through their body. Many opponents of neutering dogs believe that to do so would significantly alter their dogs personality. This is simply not true. While neutering and spaying dogs may alter potential aggression, it will not alter any other behaviors of your dog aside from the willingness to mate.]pg

Another major alternative, is to not chain your dog up outside. Regardless of breed, dogs that are confined to a small space or even restricted by a tether to a specific area can be extremely stressed out. As a result, these dogs are much more excitable by any sort of stimulus nearby, whether that’s a squirrel, a driving car, or people walking by. It’s understandable that not everyone has a spacious backyard for their dog to run in, but dog runs should allow dogs to run! This will allow dogs to not only release pent up energy, but stress as well.

I grew up with an older sister, who’s about 3 years older than me. When playing together, it was expected of us to play with a specific toy as well as each other respectfully. If we weren’t able to do so, our privileges of that specific toy or even playing with each other were revoked until we were able to follow instructions. While BSL is a little more extreme than basic parenting, the actions of BSL feel very reminiscent of this. Because of one persons ignorant actions, everyone is punished. As a result, the privileges are revoked, but there is not lesson to learn.

Personally, the actions against animal cruelty should be increased and many major cities, like NYC, are looking into this. If specific people are held accountable for their actions, I feel like the likelihood for them to repeat their actions would be slighted. For example, I personally feel that people who are found guilty of extreme acts of animal cruelty should have their name on a national registry, alike a the National Sex Offender Registry, that would restrict them from purchasing, adopting, or owning any sort of pet. I also believe that the punishment for animal cruelty should be greater. While fines for cruelty depend on severity as well as location, there have been cases where offenders have paid as less as a $25 fine. If you knew that you could get away with running a red light by paying a $25 fine, wouldn’t you care less about getting caught. With that said, especially since many animal control agencies and shelters need the extra help, I think offenders should have to provide a certain amount of community service to animal related causes. If a judge can sentence Lindsay Lohan to community service at a morgue, shouldn’t we be holding other people for accountable for their horrific actions.


As I step off of my soap box, I do recommend that people check out the documentary “Behind the Myth”. Where I thought dogs would simply be relocated to areas outside of the BSL, I sadly realized that that is not the case. While it’s sad to see people have to give up on the beloved pets as they can’t continually afford to pay for the legal fees involved with acquitting their dog, there needs to be some sort of alternative where we’re not killing innocent dogs.

BSL equality

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Myths About Pit Bulls in CT

by Amy Leichter


Although Pit Bulls are an all-American breed, they are probably the most misconceived breed of dog, especially in the U.S. & Connecticut. Every year, people are attacked by dogs, yet the U.S. media tends to strictly focus on attacks caused by Pit Bulls. With that said, the purpose of this blog post is to educate others about the blatant myths regarding Pit Bulls.

Myth # 1: “Pit Bulls” are a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Truth: The term “Pit Bull” is more of an umbrella term used to categorize certain breeds of dogs including American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bull mixes, and other bully breeds. Often times, people mistake Boxers, Mastiffs, Bull Terriers, and Dogo Argentinos. As a result of this categorization, owners and lovers of Pit Bulls often refer to their Pitties as “Pibbles”, which strays away from the negative association that comes with the term “Pit Bull”.

I even found this online quiz to see how well you can identify the Pittie. Check it out and see how well you can do.

Myth # 2: Pit Bulls have a locking jaw.

Truth: The jaw of a Pit Bull is not anatomically different from that of a Poodle, Lab, or even Chihuahua. While the shape of a Pit Bull’s head and jaw may be a different shape, there is no specific mechanism in a Pittie’s jaw that makes it lock. Historically, Pit Bulls have been used for bull baiting and dog fighting. Through specific breeding as well as a Pit Bull’s loyalty and eagerness to please it’s owner, Pit Bulls may be hesitant to let go of whatever they have a hold on, but there is no distinctive part of a Pittie’s jaw that causes it to lock. Pit Bull’s are also part of the terrier family and have been bred to have the Terrier style of fighting, which is to bite and shake. However, due to the Pit Bull’s size as well as stigma, what’s scarier to see fight? A Rat Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, or Wheaten Terrier. Regardless of size or specific breed, all terriers will bite and shake anything they deem as prey, whether it be a toy or another animal.

punish deed

Myth # 3: Pit Bulls have the most powerful bite in the dog world.

Truth: Bite force is a scientific term used to measure the amount of pressure a dog’s bite can exert. While a dog’s bite cannot be measure accurately each time, bite force is meant to be discussed in general terms. However, National Geographic set out to examine the differing bite forces between several breed of dogs, including dogs that have been deemed “most dangerous”. For reference sake, a human’s bite force averages at about 120 pounds. The wolf’s bite was the highest averaging at 406 pounds of pressure. While Pit Bull’s are often labeled as the most dangerous breed of dog, the bite force of a Pit was averaged at 235 pounds of pressure, coming in 4th place with the wolf is 1st place, the Rottweiler in 2nd place, and the German Shepherd in 3rd place.

temperment test scores

Statistics from the American Temperament Society even show Pit Bull’s rank very high in temperament, concluding that not all Pit Bulls are innate, killing machines.

When I was in first grade, my parents got us a family dog, partly because my sister and I were fearful of dogs. The purpose of this blog post was to do the same. While I’m not recommending that everyone go out and adopt a Pit Bull, there’s no reason to be afraid of a dog based on these myths. If you’re interested in adopting a Pittie, I recommend doing your own research as well as visiting your local shelter to gain some experience with the breed. While this strong and energetic breed is not for everyone, there’s no need to be fearful based on these media perpetuated stereotypes.

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Americans Spend How Much on Pet Costumes?!

by Amy Leichter


Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in America with many people looking forward to it all year. Some people even plan their Halloween festivities, decorations, and costume ideas months in advance. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), about 158 million people will celebrate Halloween this year. That means millions of bags of candy, decorations, and costumes will be bought for children and adults. Well, what about our four-legged celebrators?


As the dogs’ role in their human families has drastically changed in the last 20 years, people want to include their fur-babies in everyday life, including holidays. The National Retail Federation also estimates that about 22 million people will dress up their pets for Halloween and spend an estimated $330 million dollars on pet Halloween costumes! So next time you go to Target and see the display of pet Halloween costumes and think to yourself “Who’s actually buying this stuff?”, remember that the answer is 22 million people!


With that said, You Lucky Dog is happy announce our first annual Halloween Costume Contest for your Lucky Dogs! We want to see your Lucky Dog’s Halloween costume! Post your pictures of your pooches to our Facebook wall and invite your friends to like our page so they can like your picture. Whichever dog gets the most likes on Facebook by 10/31, wins a $25 Amazon gift card! All we ask is that your picture is of your dog and not that you found online. We will be announcing the winner November 1st. Any one of our fans on Facebook can win, regardless of where you live, so you don’t just need to be in North Haven or Connecticut! This is our way of saying thank you and giving back to the people who’ve made us feel like Lucky Dogs!

Visit our Facebook Page to get started!

dog walking Halloween contest
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October is Pit Bull Awareness Month!

by Amy Leichter

pitbull awareness month

For those who don’t know October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! So why dedicate a month to celebrate and educate others about Pit Bulls, especially when this doesn’t seem to be a problem in North Haven, Cheshire or Wallingford? For starters, there are so many myths and stereotypes of these loyal dogs that are simply untrue. You’ve heard them all. Pit Bulls have locking jaws. Pit Bulls have the most powerful bite in the dog world. Pit Bulls are instinctively aggressive and mean. While yes, some Pitties can be aggressive, it’s not fair to conclude that all Pit Bulls are vicious, man eating, attack dogs.

punish deed

Another reason to advocate Pit Bull awareness is two examples of extreme cruelty that have gained national attention. “Puppy Doe” is a story that is heartbreaking and horrifying and it happened right in my home state of Massachusetts. While I won’t go into the horrific details, a Pit Bull puppy had been found abandoned in Quincy, Massachusetts. So what’s the big deal? The veterinary staff that worked on this dog, whom they named “Puppy Doe”, reported that this case was one of those most horrific cases of torture, yes torture, that they had ever seen. Unfortunately, the horrors that this poor young pup had endured were so severe that all could be done was for her to be humanely euthanized.

Read more about this story.

The story of Mama Jade went viral this month, as a woman in Tennessee posted on Craigslist that she had found someone’s Pit Bull and refused to give it back. The woman’s account details how the dog had no only been used to give birth to numerous litters of puppies, but that she had also been used as a bait dog and her teeth had either been removed or filed down. For those who don’t know, a bait dog is essentially a punching bag in the form of a dog that is used to entice prized-fighting dogs into fighting. Luckily, Mama Jade’s story ends much happier. Originally, Mama Jade was set to be euthanized as a result of breast cancer that more than likely occurred as a result of her being forced to produce so many litters of puppies. However, as a result of this story going viral, thousands of people contacted Mama Jade’s new owner offering to step up and help.

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While I don’t want to use this month as an excuse to get on my soap box and discuss the most horrific tales of animal cruelty, I would like to be able to help educate as well as get others to think about how we can change the perception of Pit Bulls in America. So with that said, this month we’ll be discussing a number of topics regarding Pit Bulls, including the myths and facts, as well as what Breed Specific Legislation really is and whether it really helps this particular breed of dog. If you have any other topics that you’d like us to discuss, please contact me or post on our Facebook page!

Now that I’ve made everyone horribly depressed, I’d like to share a cute little video from a rescue group out in California called “Hope for Paws”. Many of the dogs they have rescued are Pits and many have been involved in dog fighting. Here are two Pitties getting a chance to meet one another. What I find so remarkable about this video is that the female had been used as a bait dog. Who would’ve ever thought that a dog who has probably never had a positive experience with another dog could act this way? This just show the absolute resilience that this breed offers!

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